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How Many Clicks In 10 Seconds? – Average Clicks Per Second

How many clicks in 10 seconds are possible to make without any distraction? You can try the CPS testing in the 10 second click test. If you don’t know about the CPS testing, keep on reading!

How Many Clicks In 10 Seconds?  – CPS Testing

CPS testing is an online forum tool that will help you check how many times I can click in 10 seconds. There are other modes of the click speed test as well. In addition, you can choose the timeframe of the click test between 1 to 100 seconds.

After selecting the timeframe, the game will start, and you have to make the maximum number of clicks. The CPS results will be displayed on the screen. In this way, you can know how fast you can click in 10 seconds. Indeed, the 10 second click game is interesting, and you can share your results on social media apps.

Moreover, you can challenge your friends. Also, you should use a gaming mouse for competing, but we don’t recommend using the trackpad of the laptop.

Further, you can increase the speed by trying the other methods such as butterfly clicking, drag clicking, as well as jitter clicking. Also, you can easily increase the speed of clicking by trying more clicks easily.

Improve the Clicking Speed in 10 Seconds

You can easily improve the clicking speed in 10 seconds after knowing some of our tips. Likewise, the most popular way to improve the clicking speed is butterfly clicking. Many butterfly clicking users claimed that they achieved double the number of clicks in a similar time frame with the butterfly clicking technique.

Other than that, while trying the 10 seconds click test, you need to achieve the maximum clips in the first half of the game. Additionally, you can make more clicks in the game by staying still and in one place.

Cheat Tips to Make World Record in 10 Second Click Game

You can make the world record in the 10 second click test. Till now, the highest score in the 10 second click test 402. However, you can also compete and make a new record. Below are some helpful cheats:

  1. Try the auto-clicking method.
  2. Practice more often with the double and single-click method.
  3. Use the butterfly and jitter clicking speed test.