5 Second Click Test – Easy CPS Test

You can test your clicking chops against the gaming world in a short time with this five-second click challenge.







To check the strength of your clicking power, put your skill on a limited-time test like the Click Per 5 Seconds Test. The test is pretty much like a game so start playing today and enjoy clicking in the specified clicking area. Assign unlimited clicks in the clicking area and give your a tough time to your competitors.

The game helps you improve your clicking skill, so use the Click Speed Test with an interval of 5 seconds. As much as you practice, you sharpen the skill of clicking, which helps you to play well in a real-time game. Afterward, share the result with your friends and give them an open challenge as you set the highest record.  


Judges declared that the standard Click Per 5 Seconds is roughly 15. So, if you can assign more than 15 clicks in 5 seconds, you can set the record for the other gamers. 

Click Per 5 Seconds Challenge

Congratulation! Here we introduce the latest challenge, Click Per 5 Seconds, for game lovers. EasyCPSTest offers you to play a game that ends in just 5 seconds and shows the CPS count, which is the ratio of the clicks against the seconds. However, the intense game measure accurately the clicking ability of your game. 

Before taking a challenge, you get the chance to complete the effort in the given time. Without wasting time, get ready to click fast unless you will not meet the Click Per 5 Seconds Challenge. Playing online is a very exciting thing about that game, so, without restriction, you can enjoy the game. 

So, enjoy the exciting game completely and share the information about the CPS Test-like game. Though you will get more challenges to compete, you can register challenges with the highest clicking score to beat. Best of Luck! 

Features of Click Per 5 Seconds

According to the gamers’ demands and the need of the gamers, we have many other games that help gamers boost their clicking ability. Like Click Per 2 Seconds, Click Per 5 Seconds, and Click Per 10 Seconds, you can enjoy all versions of games according to your standard of play and level of satisfaction. 

If you manage to play all game versions enthusiastically, you will have the best results in the real-time games. However, play hard and give your friends and opponents a tough time.

The game’s purpose is to make the gamer click fast so they can click fast to shoot the enemy or build the megastructure in a real-time game. However, the practice gives speed to your clicking ability. At the same time, you can set a record against the other gamer, whether they are kids or elders.