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A trackball mouse is a mystery to folks. A query arises in their mind: What kind of problem does the trackball solve? What is the use of a trackball mouse? And how to use it with efficiency? Are you thinking the same? We got you covered!!

A trackball mouse is a ball floating freely that can move in any kind of direction. It does not require the movement of the hand in an excessive way. It is specially designed to protect the hand injuries which can occur while you are using a traditional mouse.

In this article, we’ll discuss the use of the trackball mouse efficiently. Do you know trackball is considered the best option for the normal mouse? The knowledge of the trackball mouse is necessary to determine its uses. So, let’s start with the discussion.

What is a Trackball Mouse?

The trackball is a device that is used as an alternative to the mouse. It is upside down that consists of the ball held by a socket and it has a sensor that can work with the movement of the ball. The ball is used to point the cursor on the screen.

It has the same button as the mouse which is used to select the object on the desktop. In a trackball mouse, you need to move the ball, and the direction changes but, in a mouse, you need to move it whole while you are changing some direction. It can be attached to the notebook and laptop as well. Moreover, you have to learn how to use a trackball and its structure.

How to use a Trackball Mouse?

Though the use of a normal mouse is tiring it is simple to use as compared to the trackball mouse and it has improved speed and efficiency. The trackball mouse is tricky to use. You need practice to become a master of it. You need to follow the steps that are described later precisely for their effectiveness.

Steps To Using a Trackball Mouse

The steps for the use of the mouse are the following:

  • When you buy a trackball try to see different shapes and designs at the shop. A ball that can be easily handled with one finger is good for personal use. A ball that can use a palm is best for the monitors that are used in companies.
  • When the trackball is connected to the computer then try to scroll the ball that will assist the cursor to move up, down, left, and right until your finger begins to get used to it.
  • The sensitivity is a little more than the traditional mouse. So, adjust the setting of the driver and software to adjust the sensitivity according to ease to ensure precision and also change the magnification of the monitor.
  • Check the buttons on the trackball. Sometimes different designs have different settings. So, adjust yourself to the change if it occurs.
  • Try to play games with the trackball. It will help you gain practice and give you a sense of how to use it. Not for games use it for different purposes.

What are the reasons to use the Trackball Mouse?

The mouse and the trackpad are useful for different purposes. But their excessive use causes a lot of damage to our hands, especially our palms. It may cause inflammation or stress injury. Moving the mouse by doing work not only requires your palm and fingers to move but your complete arm is moving constantly. If there is an injury on our hands it will cause serious problems sometimes and it hurts a lot.

Trackball mouse

The trackball is friendly to use. You can just use your finger to move the ball. There is no need to move the mouse. Different designs have different features, sometimes the ball is in the center. So, you can move it with your palm as well as with your fingers.


The trackball is user-friendly as compared to the normal mouse. It is tricky but you can easily handle it with practice. But overuse can prevent you from serious injury to your hand. You can move the cursor with the help of a ball on the trackball mouse.

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