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Advancement in technology arises from a lot of ideas related to real-life or games. Along with the help of technology, various games with up-to-date graphics have been developed but it does not affect the mouse-clicking games. The games have the best graphics but it is still among the fun list. But the clicking games are present in a vast amount so the question is What are the best clickers games?

Clickers games also named ‘Idle games’ are games that can be played by constantly clicking on the mouse until the goal is achieved. These games transfer the difficult opinions into the sequence by clicking and automatically. Clickers games are best for those people who can have only a few minutes to spend playing just to relax their minds.

The article is about clickers games such as What are clickers games? What is the list of best clickers games online? You can find answers to all these questions on this topic. Let’s begin with the conversation.

What is a Clicker Game?

Clicker games can also be called incremental games or idle games. These types of games need the user to do an action according to the rules of the game. The actions like clicking on the screen or staying still or idle. Playing games along with rules gives the user a few rewards that will boost the user to go further. They are also able to buy updates in the game which is fun in itself.

List of Best Clicking Games

The list of the best clickers’ games is given below. We are going to discuss each of them in detail. So, you can find it easy to choose the game of your choice.

1 – Click Speed Test

A game that calculates how fast someone clicks in seconds such as 5 sec,10 sec, 20 sec, etc., and it is also called clicks per second. The most playable clicker game is the click speed test. It is quite easy and simple to play.

Click Speed Test

In this game, you must click the mouse as fast as possible to get more clicks in a shorter time. Yes, it is that simple. The result is expressed in CPS, which is the number of clicks per second. We recommend this game to everyone. It is directly or indirectly similar to the game Minecraft.

 Minecraft is recommended for all players. Click Speed ​​Test is one of the best games you can play. It can reduce the mouse button and finally find peace.

2 – Cookie Clickers

The cookie clickers game is the favorite among all the clicker games. The game is also known as the base of the clickers game. Julien “Orteil” Thienno developed this game in 2013. If we talk about the pattern to play the game, it is simple.

Cookie Clicker

The games start by clicking on the large cookie and you can earn a cookie with each click by baking a large number of cookies, and a new cursor is unblocked. As long as you play, you can also hire a grandma to bake cookies, increasing the efficiency of the clicks. After gaining the cookies you can restart the game for further up-gradation, and play a few minigames to gain cookies or heavenly chips. The game is preferable for restaurant management games as well.

3 – Room Clicker

The room clicker game was developed by minimum studios in December 2018. Room Clicker is one of the best online mouse-click games that can test the player’s endurance. Players must click anywhere in the room to receive cash prizes.

Room Clicker

The game is more interesting because players can also purchase upgrades. The game is updated very quickly, so players need to click faster. After reaching a certain level, players can change the appearance of the game to make it more attractive. It has a simple interface. In addition, the game is addictive because it has a day and night cycle. It has eight upgradeable objects.

4 – Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is the most effortless idle game to play. This game starts with a single warrior and in which killing the monsters will give you the coins. With the help of the coins, you can unlock more warriors that can help you to move forward in a game. Each warrior has a different set of abilities that will assist in a game.

Clicker Heroes

Moreover, it is like a cookie clicker instead, where you have to kill monsters. This game can be played both online and offline by downloading in a window for platforms such as Xbox, and PlayStation. The satisfactory part of the game is to do damage that will give the chance to gain more abilities over time.

5 – Realm Grinder

Realm grinder is the most difficult game among the clicker games. The game is based on the kingdom in which you play like a king. The responsibilities of the realm are on you. Simply put, clicking on the realm will help to earn coins that can be used for developing buildings, fences, bridges, and a strong security system.

Realm Grinder

It looks complicated but once you start building a realm you will become addicted to it. The game is suitable for online and offline. This will give you the chance to choose the right and wrong sides. Selecting one of the choices will help you to unlock the updated buildings. Moreover, you are stuck in a game once you choose one of the options. It has a specific theme that is not available in other clickers games which is replayability, this will give its unique identity.

6 – Forager

Unlike most clicker games this requires more attention. This game is about occupation and resources. Digging up a base, hinting, and fighting with the enemy are all part of the game. as long as you move forward the game will become automated.


 Forager is available on Linux, playstation4, Xbox, etc., as the game becomes automatic the crops will be grown on their own all you have to do is to fight with the enemy or chop the wilderness other then you will relax in a game. If you want a game with action this is a tough one to beat.

7 – A Dark Room

Like cookie clicker, it is also among the genre of incremental games. The game starts in a dark room and a few actions are needed to perform such as lightening the room, building villages, etc., this game has gained a lot of fame among its users.

A Dark Room

In this game, the story is shown in the form of texts that will give you information from time to time about the world you are in. As the game begins in the darkroom. Soon you will run out of firewood which is used to maintain lighting in a room and you will have to look for something in the nearest forest. Soon a stranger will come to your house and you will start to solve a puzzle.


This topic is about the best clicker games online, tons of such games are available. We listed a few of them. The developers have been developing various games by changing a genre which is quite admirable. I hope you will enjoy playing one of the listed games.

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