30 Second Click Test – Easy CPS Test

You can test your clicking chops against the gaming world in a short time with this thirty-seconds click challenge.







What is Clicks Per Thirty Seconds?

In simple words, 30 clicks per second are defined as how many times a player clicks on the mouse in just 30 seconds of the time frame. CPS test will allow you 30 seconds to go through the clicking test of your mouse. Many people do this test for mind relaxation and entertainment purposes and some individuals take it seriously and make some remarkable scores and make themselves inspiration for others.

The 30 seconds test will allow you to sustain your clicking practice for a long time which requires a large amount of practice in order to get through. Tom Andre Seppola had clicked the mouse 830 times in just 30 seconds which is a huge chase for the layman.

Wondering how fast you can click in 30 seconds? It is very easy. You have to open the website for click testing and then select the time-lapse of 30 seconds. Try to make the maximum clicks that you can make. The results will be displayed on the screen once the game ends.

However, the 30 seconds speed test is longer, and your hand will feel the vibration. Besides, the click speed test of 30 seconds is tougher than 60 seconds of CPS testing.


Moreover, 830 clicks per second are the world record for a 30-second click test.

How to Get High Scores in 30 Seconds Test?

Click test 30 seconds is a tool that helps gamers to improve their clicking speed of the mouse. There are other mice-clicking speed test games as well. Another popular click counter is Minecraft as well. Similarly, CPS testing is a great way to compete with the other fellows as well.