Kohi Click Test | Easy CPS Test

Start clicking in the click-allocated area at the possible clicking speed for 10 seconds. And record your Click per Second with this Kohi Click Test.







The old Minecraft gaming server Kohi is popular for its various factional modes. The Kohi Click Test is the primary practice of the speed-clicking game that help user to play the real game with distinction. However, the gamer dominates the Minecraft opponents in the games. We recommend improving the skill with balanced practice in the Kohi CPS Test (Click Per Second Test). Remember, overdoing clicks may cause strain in your muscles. So, balance the approach and win the real game.

Online Kohi Click Test

That clicking test is unique in design for gamers who love to play Minecraft for Minecraft CPS. The gamer experiences it when they want to speed up the clicking test with ping and lag. One more reason that makes it famous among users is the PVP mode in the game. So, the gamer can fight back against the opponent and beat them with a high score.


First of all, conducting this test is to boost the Kohi Clicking skill. That speed-clicking skill helps the gamer to assist in the game. In advance, the game is beneficial; therefore highly recommended to take advantage and defeat your enemy. Here we mention a few conditions that are pretty similar to your situation.

PVP Mode

Significantly, the gaming practice in the clicking domain to boost the speed of clicking in the real game. It pays off well in the PVP mode whenever you decide to play the game. However, it takes extra time and enables you to hit hard your opponent more often. Globally you can hit the struggle to set Kohi Click Test World Record.


The next thing the Kohi Clicking trick enables is running the UHC Mode (Ultra Hard Core Mode) in Minecraft. In these modes, the blocks and buildings influence positively. At the same time, the quick clicking makes the building against the opponent quickly. However, you can build a wall against the opponent’s arrows. Hereafter, the user can track and trap the opponent inside those walls.

Minecraft Bridging Assistant

Following the Kohi trick, the gamer can build Minecraft bridges far more quickly than before. However, players can use the trick to re-create or renovate the bridge in the game with the Kohi Click technique. For example, StanMPL, Breezily, God, and Bleeple bridges. 

In Minecraft, the Kohi Click Game assists in various modes like sky wars rushing into the other’s space or moving to occupy the middle chest. Hereafter, the player uses the Kohi Clicking trick in the hunger games to create a bridge by tapping vagariously. Moreover, it comes in handy in bed wars to promptly get to the other team’s bed.

Kohi Click Test

Ranks of Kohi Click Game

Another thing that users earn is a rank in Minecraft for the excellence of clicking skills. Such ranks do not favor the game but only motivate them to fight hard against the opponent. And win the game with a better rank. Suppose the user feels bored with the game. It restrains the interest of the user and keeps the fun alive.

Certainly, you cannot achieve a rank in the game unless you raise the Click Per the Second score up to 20. In short, achieving the rank is not an easy task like a piece of cake. The user needs to struggle for it. Here we mention a few ranks for readers. 

Snail Rank

As you achieve the Snail Rank in the clicking game, you earn a satisfactory position in the exclusive Kohi Click Game.

Turtle Rank

At this stage, you earn an outstanding skill as you win the title of the Turtle Rank, which is one of the best ranks for gamers.

Rabbit Rank

Certainly, as the gamer earns the Rabbit Rank title, consider the professional gamer whose skill level is pro in the Kohi Clicking game.

Cheetah Rank

Finally, as you earn the Cheetah Rank, you get to the supreme rank of that Clicking game, congratulation you are the master of the game, so move to the real game and PVP mode.

Are You Passionate About Minecraft?

If you wish to be a master in the game, Online Kohi Click Test favors the gamer to improve the skill. So, get the trainer! And practice playing against the gamers. As much as you play, you get better at the game!

The Online Kohi Click Test is the perfect game if you are a Minecraft lover. In the gaming process, you will learn to be a polished player. Here we bond the game within the limits of time. Through this, it became more interesting to play with new challenges.

With this new updated version, you will not see many distracting popups during the game. Still, the bugs can be fixed as per the user report. Start now and polish your skills right away! Best of Luck!

How to play Kohi Click Game?

Easy to play and has no extraordinary requirements like complex software and fancy apps in this game. Tapping and clicking are everything in the clicking area. Hereafter, the Badlion clicking, butterfly clicking, drag clicking, and jitter clicking tricks are useful according to the situation’s demand.

Afterward, you will see a popup message that shows you the rank as the time up. Moreover, it shows the CPS and the number of clicks and time. In advance, you can share the result with friends on social media. Like Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Finally, click on the exit, retry the effort, and replay the game. Or, the gamer can click outside the clicking area to replay the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you click?

Users can click 20 to 25 clicks per second in the fastest click range. In Kohi Click Test it’s a high score for the gamers.

How to cheat the Kohi Click Test?

In the unblocked version, hacking and cheating are not accessible. It is designed for the training and practice of beginners in various modes of Minecraft game. Furthermore, gamers can inspect the techniques of their browser to trick friends with high scores.

What is Kohi Click Test World Record?

Kohi Click Test World Record is the gamer’s performance-based result log. Recording the CPS is slightly controversial because the hacker abuses the third party. But the highest record closed on 13.9 CPS yet.