1 Second Click Test – Easy CPS Test

You can test your clicking chops against the gaming world in a short time with this one-second click challenge.







Clicks per second are described as the number of times a person clicks on a mouse in a certain time interval. There are different clicks per the second test which are listed below in the topic:

Clicks Per 1 Second Challenge

The click test game has different modes, cps counter is the most common, as we explained about the click per second above, you must be wondering how to get maximum scores in one second.

First, you need to click on the start button. Now you have to click as fast as you can in one test from the mouse. Mouse clicking gives better results than the laptop track board.

Once you do one click, the time will be started, and if you stop in between, you’ll be losing the chances of making more clicks. Besides, you can press the grey button to restart the click test 1 second game.


The world record for multiple clicks per second is 16 CPS. This is a very high-profile record to attain. 

How to Make the Fastest Clicks Per Second?

The fastest to achieve per second click speed test record is 16 CPS. So, to counter this record you have to be mentally active, fast with your finger, and technique, and have enough practice to lay down this record.

After that, you need to press the enter key on your keyboard. In this way, the score of CPS will be increased. This secret tip of the click test game is not common, but we have revealed it here. With this technique, you can easily beat the world record of the cps test in 1 second.