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The game CPS Test or CPS Tester is designed to count the clicking speed of a mouse in various time frames.







The click speed test is designed to count or check the clicking speed of a mouse at various time intervals. how to increase the click speed? is the main question that arises here.

If someone wants to fasten their clicking speed, clicking speed is the best test for improving the speed of the mouse. It is also considered a game through which we can relax our minds. This website is reliable to improve speed clicking by using mobile phones or mice.

What is the CPS Test?

CPS test is just a simple game where you can set the highest score and break previous records is called the CPS test. CPS stands for click per second. In short, this is a competitive test where people have fun and set the highest scores for others. To start clicking per the second test these are simple steps you need to follow.

  • To start this game, click on the “start” button at the bottom.
  • Once you click on the start button then click on the mouse as fast as you can in a given limited time frame.
  • Once the given time ends the real clicking score will be displayed on the screen.

The CPS test mainly depends on the number of clicks in a limited time. When you improve your time limits you will increase the speed of the clicks. 

How to Play Click Speed Test Game?

Click Speed Test

What is the World Record of CPS Test?

According to the recorded data, the different websites show their fastest CPS speed. Among all of them, the fastest one to click vigorously in 10 seconds is Dylan Allred. Who clicked enormous clicks of 1051 in 10 seconds and recorded the fastest CPS in the world.


The world record for the 5-second test is 14 CPS  of a person named Jordan Hum. This means the click is 70 clicks in 5 seconds.

On the other side, you can play the click testing game for relaxing the mind. Several users of click tests want to enhance their speed mouse for gaming. That’s why they use click testing. Indeed, click testing is a unique game that you can play on several websites.

What is a Click Speed Test?

The click speed test is generally referred to as calculating the number of mouse clicks. The click speed test is the game to improve your clicking, in a limited time frame. Many necessary things are required before this test.

  • This test is played online so I need a good and stable internet connection.
  • Before the test, start to make sure the mouse is working properly, and connected to the device. 
  • All the switches work fine.
  • Players make sure to have no movement or at least in order to get high scores in it.

There are many tests given in which we improve our speed clicking. 

Click Speed Test Score Table

#Clicking Test ScoreResults
10 To 5 Snail
26 To 8Turtle
39 To 10Rabbit
4 10 To onward Cheetah

Time Variations for Click Speed Test

You can set your game set according to your interest in a controlled climate. There are diverse timestamps in the game; you can pick anybody. In addition, we have given you insight regarding unsurpassed varieties.

What is a Click Test?

It is a tool specially defined to measure the clicking efficiency in a given period. Click test and click speed test are the same terms. In a short click, the test tells how much and how many times a person pushes or clicks the mouse button.

Click test build to check your clicking speed in a given period. The score will increase when you click the mouse button or how many times you click the button. You need to beat the time by playing again and again.

Calculation of Clicks Per Second:

Other websites calculate the exact number of your mouse clicks in many ways. However, this website uses an authentic and appropriate way to check the total number of clicks you have made in a limited time frame. Thereby, we use a proper formula for calculating your clicks. The formula for calculating the total number of clicks: 

CPS = Total number of clicks / total number of seconds

How to Measure Click Test Speed?

A click test is one of the best ways to know how fast you can click in one second. Moreover, you will know how fast you can play to compete with others at a certain time. Best of all, you’ll know the speed limit and how many clicks will happen in one second.

While doing the click testing, you have to click faster until the hand starts vibrating. On the other hand, the click test’s average time is one second, and you have to make maximum clicks in it. Moreover, the number of clicks you made will tell about your score, also known as the CPS test.

CPS stands for clicks per second. Ordinary people, make 6 clicks in one second. You can not only test the speed of the mouse but of your keyboard buttons as well. But you have to choose the option before checking the speed of the mouse or keyboard.

Advantages of Click Test Game

Are you wondering why the click-test app is popular? There are several benefits of the click test. One of the reasons that it is becoming popular is because it provides entertainment to users. Not only this, you will be able to lower stress levels with the click test. In fact, you can hit the screen to reduce anger and increase the number of clicks.

Several people use the click test game to reduce depression and anger. With the help of a click test game, you can decrease the tension. We recommend playing the click test game time when you are stressed out. You will have a relaxed mind after playing the click test, and it will solve your problems.

You can uncover the blocked version of the click test and Minecraft Circle Generator game and download a VPN on your phone and laptop for using the click test game with its complete versions.

How to Click Faster?

1. Kohi Click Test

Before knowing about the other types of mouse click tests, you must know about the kohi test. This server is used for the hardcore factions, and the owner of the kohi click test is MCPVP. With the kohi click test tool, you can easily improve the speed of clicking the mouse.

Other than that, the kohi test is the best alternative to CPS – Click per second. With the kohi test, you can easily know the ratio of clicks in one second. Kohi test is the oldest way to know the mouse’s speed, and you will know the max clicks that your mouse can make in a second.

The kohi server will also check the accuracy rate, and the click test aims to tell the total clicks that will happen in one second.

Below we tell about the types of click testing. Read on!

2. Jitter Click Test

Secondly, we have jitter clicking which is a bit tough than regular clicking. However, the results of jitter and regular clicking are the same. The jitter clicking is great for those users who want to know the advanced techniques by using mouse clicks.

More than that, the jitter-clicking technique will vibrate the arm muscles, and you have to click the mouse right-click button at the fastest speed. Besides, you will know the higher clicking speed between 10 to 14 clicks per second. On the other side, you can check the tutorial about the jitter by clicking on YouTube to master it.

3. Badlion Click Test

Badlion clicking is one of the easiest types of click tests. Besides, the badlion clicking comes with the mouse clicking only. You can use badlion clicking to improve your daily tasks. You can easily improve the clicking while doing routine tasks such as editing, browsing, and more. In addition, the badlion clicking includes the CPS score that occurs in 3 to 6 seconds.

4. Butterfly Click Test

Additionally, butterfly clicking is faster than jitter clicking. With the butterfly clicking, you will have a clicking speed that lies between 15 to 25 CPS. Butterfly clicking is preferable over jitter-speed clicking. Additionally, the butterfly clicking is quite simple, and you will have an increase in the CPS rate with it.

5. Drag Click Test

We have the drag clicking that will tell the fastest speed of the mouse. With the drag clicking, you will know the rubbings that are happening through the finger. Besides, the Jdrag clicking speed lies between 25 to 100. Out of all clicking types, drag clicking is the fastest of all.

Indeed, it will be great for the players to have a 100 CPS rate in a few seconds only. The drag clicking will be considered when you drag the finger from the top to the mouse’s bottom. But when you move the mouse towards the button, you will know how to register clicks quickly.

6. Spacebar Test

It aids you to check the response time of your keyboard within the particular time of interest or alternatively you can say how much your hand is sensitive to clicking the space bar repetitively within the time span you want to check. In this test, you click your space bar again and again until the time is up.

This means that you will press and release the space bar until the set time gets finished. Many people evaluate their space bar speed by going through their tests. For improvement purposes, they do this test again and again to achieve the destination they want to achieve or to uplift their credibility by clicking the bar.

7. Mouse Test

Almost everyone uses the mouse while using a computer and every mouse gives a response to clicking efficiently except those having an electrical or mechanical fault. To check mouse click response they do a mouse click test to examine their responsivity. It is the rate at which we can click the mouse over an assigned period of time.

Some people care very much about the clicks of their mouse-like how fast their mouse clicks or how can I increase the clicking speed of the mouse. They may be some game levers, internet surfers, or office workers. They readily undergo the test to check out their mouse or finger performance.

8. Click Counter

The Click Counter Online counts the number of clicks in the clicking area. No timeframe is designed to register the click in this online game. It assigns the various clicks that you make from the single mouse button. 

For assigning clicks, you do not need a special mouse or specified machine. A simple mouse, smartphone screen, and laptop or Keyboard spacebar can help you register and click on the counter. Just tap frequently to assign the clicks.

A Brief Demonstration of CPS Test


Now that you discern all about the fast click test, you can check the speed of your mouse. You will even estimate the average clicks you can make in 60 seconds with the speed test clicker. You can also try the click test online on their official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast do you click?

I can click fast by proper finger placing technique and following that technique repeatedly to become an expert in it.

How fast can you Click Test?

You can click fast buy review your obtained results. Sitting in a comfortable position with no stress on your fingers or on your body gives you relief to attain a remarkable speed of clicking.

How to increase click speed?

Clicking speed increases by reviewing your speed tests. Try to make some comfortable position of your fingers and practice on it again and again to make a complete grip on it.

How many clicks in 5 seconds?

You can click as many clicks as possible. Most clicks per 5 seconds are recorded as 15.4. which is quite a bit long journey for new ones.

How fast can I click my mouse?

The ever fastest clicks are 1051 in 10 seconds by a person in Las Vegas called Dylan Allred. So, as a human, you also have the potential to break his record by playing tips and tricks.

How many clicks in 5 seconds?

There is a record of 77 mouse clicks in 5 seconds. Who scored a CPS (click per second) of 15.4. Make this a challenge to yourself and record even more CPS than it.