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Click Test 100 Seconds – Average Clicks Per Second (CPS)

CPS Test is a tool that you can use to know your mouse’s average clicking speed in a certain time frame. Click test 100 seconds is a mode of CPS that you can use to improve the click speed. This CPS model is longer than the others.

However, there is no break in between; you need to make the maximum possible clicks to compete with other players. Likewise, this timeframe of 100 seconds can tell you about your average clicking speed.

Besides that, you can choose the click test 10 seconds for a short time frame. In addition to this, the speed and score counting method of CPS will remain the same whether you choose 10 seconds mode of 100 seconds click test.

Other than that, the shortest click speed test (1 second) is quite interesting, but it will end with one eye blink.

What are the Click Test 100 Seconds?

Do you know that clicking speed matters while gaming? You will have an efficient performance if you can make more clicks than other players. In fact, the mouse’s clicking speed is another crucial factor that most of us usually ignore.

And the good news? You can complete the work in less time if your clicking speed is faster.

Mainly, you have to make the maximum number of clicks in 100 seconds with a constant pace. Clicking the button for 100 seconds is not easy. Even your fingers will hurt in 100 seconds click test. So you have to have good stamina for the click test 100 seconds.

The maximum score in the 10 CPS seconds test is 15, and the higher time frame will not increase the CPS rate. The gamers score 6.2 CPS on average.

How To Increase The Clicking Speed?

You can increase the clicking speed by playing games that include Fortnite, PUBG, etc. Other than that, you can try the kohi click test and jitter click test to improve the speed. A gaming mouse will also help you to make more clicks.

The player has to do the maximum practice to make more clicks in the given time frame. For instance, the CPS player can choose the one style of clicking for the first 10 seconds and continue for the rest of the time.

Surely, this trick will help the players to make more clicks in less time, and it will not hurt the fingers.