Easy CPS Test - Check Click Speed Test in 1 Second

CPS Test Online. Challenge your ability to count CPS Test in 1 Second.

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Clicks Per Second – How Many Clicks Can You Make In 1 Second?

Click test game has the other five modes; however, the cps counter is the most common. As we have explained about the click per second tracker above, you might be wondering how to click faster?

Firstly, you have to click on the green flag to start the one-second test game. Now you have to click from the mouse as fast as you can. Please do not use your laptop’s trackpad because it will not help make the clicks per second world record.

Once you made one click, the time will be started, and if you stop in between, you’ll be losing the chances of making more clicks. Besides, you can press the grey button to restart the click test 1 second game.

CPS Tester – Social Sharing

You can share the 1-second click test game with your friends. Interestingly, you can compete with your fellows. Moreover, it will be fun when your all friends are in one place. Best of all, there is an option to challenge the other players as well.

Besides that, you can improve the clicking speed when you are playing challenges on the mode of clicks per second game. In fact, if you have developed enough speed to make 15 clicks per second, you can show it to your fellows.

World Record on the Clicks per Second Test

If you think that the CPS counter record will be included in the genius world book, you are wrong. Some of the users of clicks per the second mode of click test shared their results on social media apps.

If we check the record mentioned by the click test game, it is 20 clicks only. Apart from that, you can try to make the world record by trying the other modes of the click test game.

How to Make the Fastest Clicks per Second?

We suggest buying the gaming mouse to make the fastest clicks in one second. Moreover, the gaming mice have a fast speed of click as they can aim accurately. You can move the cursor of the mouse in the right position by clicking.

After that, you need to press the enter key from your keyboard. In this way, the score of CPS will be increased. This secret tip of the click test game is not common, but we have revealed it here. With this technique, you can easily beat the world record of the cps test in 1 second.

Test CPS Clicker – Tips to Score Higher

Possibly everyone wants to score higher in the clicks per second counter game. You can try the following tricks to improve your clicking speed.

  • The first tip to score higher in the CPS clicker is for beginners. They can try the jitter clicking technique to score more than usual.
  • Next, you can try the drag-clicking test for making more clicks per second.
  • Thirdly, the butterfly clicking is widely known for making the record.
  • Lastly, you can use the auto-clicking technique to make the right scores. While using these techniques, you can use the fingers.

All in all, the gems know how to make more clicks per second. Other than that, you can try the kohi clicks, butterfly clicks, and jitter clicks for making the world record in the CPS test game. You can also use another model that includes the 5 second click test or 10 second click test for longer click testing.

Similarly, there are 60 to 100 second cps checker for longer playing time. Indeed, the click per second counter is the toughest, and it gets over in one eye-blink.

Hopefully, you will enjoy playing all the modes of the CPS checker game. Thank you for visiting us!