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Click Test 60 Seconds – Test Your Clicking Speed In 1 Minute

Clicks per second is an interesting game that will tell you how many clicks you can make in one second. Moreover, there are several modes of CPS. As a result, you can adjust the time frame for clicking with your mouse from 1 second to 60 seconds.

However, the 60 second click test is not easy. This test can make your arms sore, and you have to click continuously in the 60 seconds to achieve the maximum clicks. Further, the click test 60 seconds is the fourth mode.

Mouse Click Test 60 Seconds

Do you want to know how fast you can click in 1 minute? Try the CPS 60 seconds test. You can try this test of 60 seconds with the mouse as well as a trackpad. Besides that, your proficiency will be better if you use a mouse. For a better score, you can even use the gaming mouse because it has more buttons.

For trying the click speed test 60 seconds, you have to change the timeframe of CPS. Change the time from one to 60 seconds, and then click on the start button. Once the game is started, you have to make the maximum clicks in 1 minute.

Likewise, you will know the CPS test’s remaining time, and it will not pause in between. Make the maximum number of clicks to achieve the highest score. Also, you can play it with your friends. Lastly, the results will be shown on the screen once the game overs.

Other than that, you can share the click test 60 second’s results on the social media apps to challenge other fellows. You can improve the click speed by trying the test by playing more often. Below we’ll also tell you how to make more clicks in 60 seconds.

Improve Your Clicking Speed

There will be significant changes in the clicking speed when you practice the CPS often. Start from the small modes of clicking speed and then go to the highest mode. You can select the one second mode and try more clicking and then switch to the 60 seconds click test to achieve better results.

Other than that, you can try the butterfly clicking for making more clicks in a minute. Furthermore, you can use the jitter clicking and drag clicking technique as well.

Score Calculation Of CPS Test

The score calculation of CPS is quite simple. We’ll tell the formula below:

CPS = No. of Seconds / Total No. of clicks

In the CPS test total number of clicks is divided by the number of seconds. In this way, you will know how fast you can click in 60 seconds.

So how many clicks can you make in 60 seconds? Try to click counter 1 minute challenge, and you might make another 60 seconds record.

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