Easy CPS Test – Check Clicks Per Minute

60 Second Click Speed Test - CPS Test

CPS Test Online. Challenge your ability to count CPS Test in 60 Seconds.

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What is the 60-Second Test?

In this test, we check our clicking ability as fast as we can click in just 60 seconds.

Moreover, there are several modes of CPS. As a result, you can adjust the time frame for clicking with your mouse from 1 second to 60 seconds.

However, the 60-second click test is not easy. This test can make your arms sore, and you need to click continuously in 60 seconds to achieve the maximum clicks. Further, the click test 60 seconds is the fourth mode.

Click Per 60 Second

How to get a high score in 60-Second Click Test

There will be significant changes in the clicking speed when you practice the CPS often. Start from the small modes of clicking speed and then go to the highest mode. You can select the one-second mode and try more clicking and then switch to the 60 seconds click test to achieve better results.