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Click Test 30 Seconds – Click Speed Test Online Counter

Click test 30 seconds is a tool that helps the gamers to improve their clicking speed of the mouse. There are other mice clicking speed test games as well. Another popular click counter is Minecraft as well. Similarly, CPS testing is a great way to compete with the other fellows as well as globally.

Best of all, you can make a world record and know the average clicks you can make in one second. Also, try the cps test 1 second if you want to have a short time-lapse.

What are the Click Test 30 Seconds?

Wondering how fast you can click in 30 seconds? It is very easy. You have to open the website of click testing and then select the time-lapse of 30 seconds. Try to make the maximum clicks that you can make. The results will be displayed on the screen once the game ends.

However, the 30 seconds speed test is longer, and your hand will feel the vibration. Besides, the click speed test 30 seconds is tougher than 10 and 20 CPS testing. You have to press the button for half a minute uninterruptedly. It is undoubtedly the best way to check the average number of clicks and enhance the clicking speed for better performance while gaming.

How To Make More Clicks In 30 Seconds?

You can make more clicks in 30 seconds by clicking the button of a mouse with two fingers. In this way, you can easily make more number of clicks. In fact, when you are clicking with two fingers, 2 clicks will be counted. On the other hand, you will not get tired while clicking with 2 fingers.

Furthermore, you can try other ways of clicking, such as jitter clicking and butterfly clicking, to enhance the number of clicks in one second. However, try to start with a low time frame, so your fingers don’t get tired.

Additionally, try the drag clicking method to check how many clicks you can make in the given timeframe. Once you have enough practice to make the maximum clicks in one second, you can increase the time-lapse. Even you can make the 100 clicks in 30 seconds easily.

Now that you know how many times you can click in 30 seconds, you can easily improve the clicking speed.